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René Georg is a film editor and ethnologist that edits both fiction, documentary and commercials.
With his 20 year experience in editing and his academic background, René works with both intuition and analytical attention, which makes his work both emotional and conceptually powerful.

René Georg has edited since 2005 and has a master's degree in European Ethnology from University of Copenhagen and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Since 2021 he has taught the next generations of ethnologists the principles of ethnographic filmmaking while educating himself at both Jørgen Leth's film school, Ecole de Leth (with teachers such as Lars von Trier, Thomas Vinterberg and Tobias Lindholm) and Danish Documentary's film school (with teachers such as Arne Bro, Eva Mulvad & Max Kestner).

fiction & documentary
Seeking Hwa Sun (2024). Director Sandra Yi Sencindiver. Producer Line Aas Sørensen.
Call Again if Things Get Worse (2023). Directors Salle Salée & Asbjørn Rosenlund. Production: Tall & Small.

The Dying Child (2023). Director Michael Kunov, producer Frederikke Greve & Elena Arndt-Jensen.
Someone Comes to Town (2023). Director Gina Kippenbroeck. The National Film School of Denmark (mid term film).
Kill Your Darlings (2022). Directors Christian Bonke & Adam Bonke. Production: Drive Studios.
Ground Control (2022). Director Thor Zing. Production MellowCPH & Lissalde Studio.
Abyss of the Birds (2021). Director Jacob Glogowski. Production: Zentropa & Super16 (graduation film).
First Night (2021). Director Darshika Karunahara. Production: Metafilm.
The Garden of Calabria (2020). Directors Jacob Glogowski & René Georg. Production: Georg Works.
The Home Within Me (2020). Director Sine Vadstrup Brooker. Production: Filmværkstedet.
The Will to Live (2020). Director René Georg. Production: Ecole de Leth (graduation film).
A Tower of Two (2019). Director Jacob Glogowski. Production: Metafilm & Super16 (mid term film).
World's Greatest Viking (2019). Director Mads Erichsen. Production: Burning Films.
Cross Section 
(2016). Director René Georg. Production: Georg Works.

Sandra Yi Sencindiver, Salle Salée, Adam Bonke, Christian Bonke, Tore Frandsen, Bertil Vorre, Meeto Worre Grevsen, Gaute Hesthagen, Gina Kippenbroeck, Salle Salée, Asbjørn Rosenlund, Sine Vadstrup Brooker, Carina Randløv, Jacob Krzysztof Glogowski, Thor Zing, Benjamin Bang, Mads Erichsen, Darshika Karunahara, Benjamin Hafsteinn Jónsson, Daniel Schack Arnholtz.

Lego, Novo Nordisk, Lundbeck, Xellia, ALK-Abelló, Pandora, Horizon, Samsøe Samsøe, Danske Spil, Telenor, UNDO, Liewood, Rains, Hummel, University of Copenhagen,  Hjerneskadeforeningen, The National Museum of Denmark, Rambøll, Engineer the Future, Ledernes Hovedorganisation.

production companies

Metafilm, Zentropa, Drive Studios, &Co, Johannes Leonardo, Uncle Grey, Uitch Iscratch, Northern Souls, Bunker, New Land, Agent Zoo, Den Danske Filmskole, Super16, Moon International, Geschaeft, ArtOfficial Agency, Mellow cph, Lissalde Studio, Burning Films.

OFF 2021, The Danish Competition, best film for ”First Night” (nomination)

OFF 2021, The Youth Competition, best film for ”First Night” (nomination)
OFF 2021, The Danish Competition, best film for ”Abyss of the Birds” (nomination)
CPH:DOX 2020, NEXT:WAVE-Award, for “The Garden of Calabria” (nomination)
OFF 2019, The Danish Competition, best film for ”A Tower of Two” (nomination)
Rome Film Awards 2019, Best Documentary Award for "Cross Section" (Winner)

edits in

Adobe Premiere Pro
Avid Media Composer

Emilie Elisabeth R Lindgreen
+45 5377 5755

direct contact
+45 6017 7264

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